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The 2017 CHHAPS Calendars are now pretty much sold out for the year. We have none left in Canada, however do have a couple left down in the US with our US members. We are selling those ones for a special sell out price of $15 USD (including shipping). To order, you can download the order form here. If you are taking advantage of our special US pricing, please note this in an accompanying email with your order.
  The CHHAPS objectives are as follows:  
To help preserve the traditional type of Canadian Horse  
To educate ourselves and others about the breed  
To sponsor relaxed, fun events which help to foster the above  

Our dynamic organization continues to grow and flourish, and we are proud to announce that we have a broad cross section of members hailing from both Canada, USA and Germany.

We welcome both owners and admirers of the breed, from any geographic location, whether or not you own a Canadian Horse.

If you love the Canadian Horse , feel strongly about the need to preserve this heritage breed and want to learn more about it, you'll fit right in with CHHAPS' goals and our existing membership of fun, committed and enthusiastic Canadian Horse lovers.

Feel free to browse our site. If you like what you see, join our organization. We are always delighted to welcome another new member to CHHAPS!

If you would like more information on CHHAPS, please feel free to contact any one of the CHHAPS Executive.


Updated March 14, 2017
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