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CHHAPS has a number of different exciting awards programs to reward member's horses for being versatile and excelling performance-wise. Since these horses are ambassadors for both CHHAPS as well as for the Canadian Horse breed, we believe that they should be recognized for their efforts.

VERSATILITY: A versatile horse is one having many aptitudes and abilities and is able to turn with ease from one activity to another. The CHHAPS Versatility Award recognizes both the broad spectrum of capabilities of our member’s horses, as well as their contribution to breed promotion.

PERFORMANCE: In order to encourage the participation of CHHAPS members in open competitions, and to recognize the achievement of performance excellence by their Canadian horses in specific disciplines, CHHAPS has established the Performance Awards Program. This program acknowledges and rewards owners and their Canadians for outstanding performance in the show ring.

CHHAPS Iron Horse Competition & Award

The Iron Horse competition is unique to the Canadian Horse breed. This competition was initiated in Quebec and serves to showcase and reward the ultimate in versatility as shown by the Canadian Horses participating.

Since the Iron Horse competition has played an integral part in the history of the breed, CHHAPS felt it was important for us to follow and maintain this tradition as well. Therefore we have been rewarding CHHAPS members horses in this same type of competition since the inception of the organization and it's very first show.

Typically most of the shows hosted by CHHAPS feature this competition, and it is a unique facet of our organization and it's events. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only organization outside of QC offering this type of competition at their Canadian Horse shows.

The competition is divided into four sections which best exemplify the following qualities for which the Canadian Horse breed is famed:


The horses participating in this competition must be versatile enough to easily and quickly change and adapt from one discipline to the next.

For more information on these exciting programs, see their respective webpages: Versatility Award | Performance Award | Iron Horse Award

Updated Sept 10, 2014
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