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The Iron Horse competition is unique to the Canadian Horse breed.  This competition was initiated in Quebec and serves to both showcase and reward the ultimate in versatility as demonstrated by the Canadian Horses participating. Since this competition has played an integral part in the history of the breed, CHHAPS felt it was important for us to follow and maintain this tradition as well.  Therefore we have been rewarding CHHAPS member's horses in this same type of competition since the inception of our organization and its very first show.
Typically most of the shows hosted by CHHAPS feature this competition, and it is a unique facet of our organization and its events.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the only organization outside of QC offering this type of competition in their Canadian Horse shows.

The competition is divided into four sections consisting of a variety of disciplines, in order to best exemplify the following qualities:


Strength is demonstrated by a stoneboat pull, in which the horse pulls a weighted stoneboat or platform over a prescribed distance and crossing over a finish line.  Whoever stops closest to the finish line wins.  Thus, in this part of the competition, accuracy and obedience are also rewarded.

Agility is demonstrated by an Obstacles driving course in which the horse drives through a set course consisting of pairs of cones, set with balls on top.  The fastest horse staying on course with the least knockdowns, wins.  Along with agility, this section also demonstrates speed and obedience.

Speed is demonstrated by timed trot of 1/4 to 1/2 mile in length. The horse pulls a cart or carriage over the prescribed distance as quickly as it can, at the trot.  The fastest horse wins. Breaks in pace are penalized and if the horse canters for more than 3 strides, they are eliminated.  This element demonstrates obedience as well as speed.

Obedience is shown by a Trail course consisting of a number of obstacles, typically a bridge, gate, water, poles and backup, done at prescribed gaits which need to be negotiated accurately, bravely and without hesitation.  The horse is shown under saddle, and the horse negotiating the course the fastest with no hesitation or refusals, wins.

Each section is scored and awarded separately, however points are accumulated from each of the four sections with the overall point winner being declared the Iron Horse Champion.

The horse that is truly versatile and can excel in all of these disciplines skillfully demonstrates all of the positive attributes which have made the Canadian Horse famous over the years.  Therefore to continue the tradition and to foster this versatility within the breed, it is our belief that these individuals should continue to be recognized, and that they are truly deserving of the "Iron Horse Award"


Delavoye Heros Phenom
2010 Interior BC Canadian Horse Show
Delavoye Heros Phenom
2009 Pacific Canadian Horse Show
Saroma Jeff Jujubé & Ken Morris
2005 Pacific Canadian Horse Show
Cartrs Blackjack Gus & Stan Field
2005 Interior BC Canadian Horse Show
Ranch D5 Vulcain Gamine & Richard Arthur
2006 Pacific Canadian Horse Show
Roval Xno Fancy & Yvonne Hillsden
2007 Pacific Canadian Horse Show
Roval Xno Fancy & Yvonne Hillsden
2003 Gibson's Canadian Horse Show

Cherry Creek Danzon Gina & Gilbert Roy
2003 BC Interior Canadian Horse Show
Temis Uvani Zephyr & Stan Field
2004 Pacific Canadian Horse Show
Roval Xno Fancy & Yvonne Hillsden
2004 Interior BC Canadian Horse Show

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