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Do you compete your Canadian or Partbred Canadian? Show off your horse’s achievements!

Kady Washtock & Marvel King Cashmire - photo by Aaron von Hagen

Canadian horses have excelled at the highest levels in the sport of combined driving and are increasingly competing and winning in open classes at club to advanced levels in Jumping, Dressage, English and Western horsemanship.  To encourage the participation of CHHAPS members in open competitions and to recognize the achievement of performance excellence by their Canadian horses in specific disciplines, CHHAPS has established the Performance Awards Program.  These performance horses are ambassadors of the Canadian breed, and CHHAPS feels that they should be recognized for their efforts.

CHHAPS' plan is to acknowledge and reward owners and their Canadians for outstanding performance in the show ring. It should be noted that the emphasis of this award program is on competition and performance.

Points are cumulative.  If sufficient points are not collected during the year to qualify for an award, they will continue to accrue and contribute towards future year awards.  If points are not submitted each year, they can be submitted in future years.

The CHHAPS Performance Awards will be presented on a yearly basis by mail or in person at the CHHAPS AGM. 

All recipients’ names will be published in the CHHAPS newsletter following the AGM. All award winners are encouraged to submit a photo along with a brief write-up of their horse and its achievements.  This information will be published in the newsletter along with the award announcements.

We invite ALL CHHAPS members who own either pure or partbred Canadians to participate in this exciting program.

CHHAPS Performance Award Overview
CHHAPS Performance Award Point System
CHHAPS Performance Award Horse Registration Form
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CHHAPS Performance Award Point Record (Excel)

Updated Sept 10, 2014
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